Island Gold Works is located in the beautiful Hilton Head, South Carolina. Since 1984, Thomas Blair and his wife Deborah have been designing one-of-a-kind jewelry in a spacious retail shop on Palmetto Bay Road.


The studio work areas are as large as the showroom, as this is where most of their time spent.



As the name suggests, we work on gold and other precious metals. Making Jewelry with precious metals is an ancient art and we have strived to master each technique, whether in a castable wax process or by physical manipulation of the metal itself (called cold forming or fabrication).


Surprisingly there have been some new techniques developed recently! One being Anticlastic raising. Still using acient tools, such as hammer and anvils, this new procedure turned forged metal into a seemingly “fluid” finished work of art.


We pride ourselves on utilizing all of these techniques to focus on taking a green approach to all of this. One of the many things that set us apart from our local colleagues is that we are specialists in designing and redesigning fine jewelry items for our clients. We can utilize your old existing jewelry to make new pieces which you will once again wear with pride


Deborah Blair has successfully completed requirements of the Gemological Institute of America in Pearls, Colored Stone Essentials, Insurance Replacement Appraisals, G.I.A Focus on Pearls & Update on Synthetics and is a trained Gemological Institute of America Professional  Pearl and Bead stringer.


Thomas Blair is an award winning Jewelers of America Certifies Bench Jeweler and holds Gemological Certifications in Completion of Revere Academy, San Francisco CA, Design Techniques, Diamond Grading, Artistic rendering. Revere Academy Masters Symposium for Anticlasic Raising with Michael Good. Focus on Pearls, certificate of Achievement.

Attended various courses with Revere Academy of Jewelry Design including:

  • Anticlastic metal raising with Michael Good;
  • Chasing and Reposse’ with John Cogswell;
  • Diamond and gemstone grading design and creation carving wax models.

Also attended Florida Society of Goldsmiths courses in/with:

  • Jean Stark;
  • John Gogswell;
  • Betty Helen Longhi among other well know metal artist in areas of: Gemstone cabochon cutting and polishing and inlay Ivory and organic material working and artistry

Island Gold works is a long standing member of Jewelers of America and South Carolina Jewelers Association.

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