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Island Gold Works is a jewelry shop specializing in fine jewelry making and recyling or buying your old jewelry for new designs. Located on the beautiful Hilton Head Island in South Carolina, Thomas Blair and his wife Deborah have been designing one-of-a-kind jewelry since 1984. 

One of a Kind - One at a Time

Making jewelry with precious metals is an ancient art. At Island Gold Works, we have strived to master each technique such as the castable wax process and cold forming or fabrication, the physical manipulation of the metal itself. One of our favorite new techniques is called Anticlastic Raising. Using ancient tools, such as hammer and anvils, this procedure turns forged metal into a seemingly fluid finished work of art. We have also added LaserWeld technology for a much higher quality and virtually invisible repair for jewelry pieces. LaserWeld technology is safer than other jewelry techniques because gemstones do not become endangered and no contaminants are added.

We pride ourself on utilizing all of these techniques to focus on taking a green approach to jewelry making. Island Gold Works accepts old jewelry sale and trades to refine old metals back to basic fine quality. This approach is environmentally friendly because it avoids poisonous and destructive gold strip mining procedures. One of the many things that sets us apart from our local colleagues is that we are specialists in designing and redesigning fine jewelry items for our clients. We can utilize your old existing jewelry to make new pieces which you will once again wear with pride. 

You can visit our showroom at your leisure or call to schedule an appointment. 

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