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Thomas BlairWe are the Island's Pearl Jewerly and Necklace Specialists. Island Gold Works are the masters of gold and ancient jewerly making techniques.

Taking a Green Approach

Island Gold Works is your eco-friendly green jeweler. We will purchase your old, broken, outdated, and unwanted precious metal jewelry for recycling! We use 100% recycled precious metals in all our original designs. So you can cash in and recycle your old outdated and broken jewelry and save the earth from poisonous and destructive gold strip mining procedures! We also allow you to trade in your old jewelry for it's exchange value for a new piece or a different metal. This saves you the cost of buying metal materials for a one-of-a-kind new design!

Our primary business is designing and redesigning fine jewelry for our clients, often utilizing gems and metals from their own collections. Many of these individuals have capitalized on our recycling program resulting in a one of a kind creation at the mere cost of labor charge!

LaserStar Jewelry Repair

We can now repair virtually anthing metal! We recently added state-of-the-art LaserWeld technology to the creative arsenal of Island Gold Works. The LaserStar micro welder makes repairs and techniques that were formerly impossible a simple task.

Although the ancient technologies of jewelry making are sacred, Laser technology has provided us with the ability to eliminate the use of solder and produce a much higher quality repair that are virtually invisible. Now there are few limits to what we can do for you, from repairing and restoring heirloom and costume jewelry to watchband and eyeglass repair including titanium frames.

LaserWeld technology is safer for jewelry than traditional techniques. Gemstones are not endangered and there is no contamination like with other techniques. LaserWeld can match the host metal exactly so lower grade solders are not added.

With the Lowcountry�s only LaserStar welder, and having completed an intensive training course at LaserStar headquarters, we are the Lowcountry�s Certified LaserStar Jewelry Repair Center and Hilton Head Island's only LaserStar Certified Jeweler. 

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